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Currently, Duxor is the one and only hacking team in the world that offers services publicly. There are no similar alternatives but a few independent amateur hackers and "pseudo hackers" of dubious confidence. However, for those who seek the trust and guarantee that only a company with experience, coordination and a professional working team can offer, the answer is Duxor.

19 Years in the field

~41,966 Hacking Services done

100% Effectiveness

Our origin

The existence of our group dates back to 2005 when a group of 3 young teenagers who were part of various hacker forums decided to work together offering hacker services publicly, so that anyone interested but without the necessary technical knowledge could hire them.

Those 3 young teenegers, who were simply looking for a way to earn extra money, were the cornerstone that led to the formation of a group that to this day, 19 years later, continues to exist and constantly expand under the name of Duxor.

Of the original members, only 1 continues to be active in Duxor, our "sensei", as we like to call him. In 2024, the group is made up of 11 members, each one specialized in different areas: emails and social networks, telephony and communications, websites and database servers, cryptography and, of course, the hackers of tomorrow: those who are still training and, by the moment, their work is focused on customer service and support. They will attend and answer to all your queries if you contact us.

Why hire a hacker?

Unfortunately, people have a misconception about hacking as an activity and about hackers as people. The cause of this is mainly the Hollywood movies, where they show hackers as people capable of doing anything in just a few seconds. These Hollywood hackers can empty bank accounts, interfere with FBI security cameras, and blow up a hydrogen bomb, all simultaneously while sipping whiskey and smoking a cigar. In real life this is not so. Hacking is not something that is done in a minute but it requires time, a calm work environment, and above all, silence and concentration.

Many people who come to us ask us for "a hacking software" or "to teach them how to do it". This is another misconception. There is no magic hacking software or app. It is not as easy as downloading a file and pressing a couple of buttons. There is also no step-by-step guide to hacking. This is not a cookery recipe (with all due respect to professional chefs). Hacking is like any other professional activity in the world. It may be unknown to many people, it may generate curiosity, or it may have been transformed into something mystical by movies, but it is a profession that is studied and learned for years.

The question of: Why hire a hacker?, is the same as saying: Why should I go to the doctor ?, Why hire a lawyer ?, Why do I need an architect?
If you feel bad or sick, it is normal to go to a doctor, as you need medical attention.
If you have a question or legal problem, you should go to a lawyer, as they will answer your questions and take your case.
If you want to build a house, you'll need an architect.
Well, what if you want a hacking service? Bingo! You need a hacker.

We are sorry to disappoint many people who perhaps believe that hacking is something simple that can be learned in a few minutes, or a day, or a week, or a month. Pretending this is the same as if we go to a hospital and ask the surgeon to tell us how to do a surgery because we want learn. The patient is likely to die if we do that, because we're not surgeons. In brief, you can't do it yourself. Hacking is something that you must study for years, practice and, of course, always keep up to date with new technologies. For this reason, you need to hire a hacker. Because if you have come this far, it must be because you need a service and we can offer you the best one, with the best quality and at the best price.

Nuestra ubicación
Although our country of origin is Colombia, nowodays, the members of our group are from different countries and speak different languages. This has helped us expand and become an international group. Our services are available to everyone and we work in 3 languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.
Los miembros de nuestro equipo
All of our team members are qualified professional hackers. One of the requirements that all our members must meet is to have a V10 Certification in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security. This is an official title awarded by the EC-Council. Also, during the first year, they only work under supervision and are primarily dedicated to customer support.
Trabajamos 24 horas
We work 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We don't have a holidays neither we know the meaning of such word. For us, there are no special dates. Always, whatever day it is and at any time you can contact us and request a service.